On September 13-20th 2019, the prestigious «Newsweek International» business magazine published an interview with our President CEO, Masaaki Morita. Sponsored by «The Worldfolio» media agency, this report entitled «Made by Japan – Japanese manufacturing as a seal of quality» introduced our company, Morita Iron Works, as a Japanese «Chuken Kigyo» (strong and agile SMEs supporting the Japanese economy as a whole) pioneering in the production of valves in Japan. This publication insisted on our ability to provide better products based on the technology and know-how which we have cultivated for over a century, maintaining the work and tradition while embracing the spirit of a changing market.

The full report is available on the Worldfolio website: http://www.theworldfolio.com/news/japans-chuken-kigyos-set-for-global-expansion/4426/