"Water", is the origin of all living things.
Among a lot of planets in the universe, Earth is a lucky and mysterious star for us where the "Water" exists always in three states of "gas, liquid and solid".
Therefore, it is right to say that the Earth is "Water Planet".


Since Morita founded in 1917, we have been involved in "Water" related work.
Thanks to support of our customers, we could observe the 100th anniversary from our foundation in 2017.


Within the 100 years of our history, in which Morita have come along with the "Water",
the world had an amazing development and transformed far beyond imagination.
The energy to make more freely and make more convenient have changed our society.
People have come to build a highly civilized society at the end of the pursuit of convenience.


The valve, which arose from the relation between "Water" and "People", has been made in various kinds as per the application and the role demanded with the transition of the 100 years.
In the future, new type valves will be born with a variety of wisdom and ingenuity in response to changes in the environment and lifestyles surrounding society.


It is said that the 21st century is "Century of the Environment", and the era is strictly demanded about not only the convenience but also the influence and the impact on the environment in the manufacturing field.
However, no matter what the era we are in, the importance of "Water" is invariable for the all living things.


We, Morita staffs, are proud to have been engaged in this important "Water" business.





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