Swing check valves
Applicable diameter:Equal or more than 200 mm

Swing check valves
The swing check valve is a valve that controls the fluid in a certain direction and is mainly installed at the discharge side of the pump or the suction side of the surge tank to prevent backflow of the pipeline.
When the pump stops suddenly during water supply and the check valve is rapidly closed, the pipe and other equipment may be damaged by water hammer.
Morita's check valve enables to avoid the phenomena till the occurrence of the water hammer by employing the hydraulic operated dash pot for adjusting the closing velocity.
The check valve has various applications as per operating environment.
We solicit to use this valve for water distribution facilities of treated water supply, sewage, industrial water supply and agricultural water supply.
Product Features
■ Smooth closing by low back pressure
■ Ample strength to withstand torsional vibration of the disc during reverse flow
■ Excellent shut off performance by inclined disc structure
■ Easy adjustment of closing speed of the valve at site